Day #16- Optimal health and nothing in between!

Still rhyming over here 😉

I am in this to win this because I want nothing less than my optimal health!  Does that mean that I will reach a destination and feel and be perfect in health!  Absolutely not! But it will be the best I can be while I continue on my health and life journey!  Right now, however, on the continuum of optimal health, I am sick!  And I will win this! My husband reminds me frequently!  I am so thankful for a supportive husband!

I went to my acupuncture appointment this morning and told him that I have had this headache for a whole week, along with other unwanted symptoms.  He suggested that we try cupping to help with headache relief along with a little acupuncture.  I had never experienced cupping before, although I had heard of it.  I didn’t know what to expect other than what he was explaining to me.  It is a very tight feeling and once I got used to it, it did not hurt.  I did feel better when I got done and for a short time (a couple of hours) after the treatment, but certainly not without a headache.  Then it began to get worse again this afternoon.  Since having dinner, my head feels better again.  But my back looks differently…..both my husband and my oldest son do not like it at all.  They are trying to be protective!  IMG_0631

This was me before my appointment….


feeling tired, sad, puffy-eyed, and in pain from this long headache.

I was starting to feel emotional…tearful because it is hard to function, especially as a mom and teacher while feeling this way.

I did do some yoga this morning.  I keep hoping that the stretching and breathing will help my headache.  I did a variety of yoga and 10 pull-ups on the TRX.

POSITIVE:  my blood sugar remained stable again this morning after breakfast!

I enjoyed a different meal at lunch…


 Sardine romaine boats!

I put sardines mashed with kraut and mixed with celery and cucumber into a few romaine leaves!

POSITIVE: It was tasty!

For dinner I did something different too…





I made a grass-fed eye of the round roast based upon this recipe after just a quick Google search.  I coated it with thyme, oregano, and a little Himalayan sea salt.  Then I cooked it for 20 minutes at 500 degrees and then turned it down to 170 for a couple hours.  POSITIVE: My oldest son loved it and asked for seconds.  I thought it was pretty tasty and so did my husband.  It was a little “tough” and could have been cooked a little less (although it was just slightly pink in the center of the roast), but for the first time, I was pleased….


I also roasted some veggies!  I think veggies always look so beautiful (here ready for roasting)!


I took the Candida Symptom Assessment Questionnaire (alongside a small serving of unsweetened local kombucha with a little fresh lemon juice) again today and my score dropped by 4 points.  This is so minor (from a 174 to a 170), but I was honestly surprised to have any decrease as certain symptoms have increased this week.  POSITIVE: I realized in doing the questionnaire, that other symptoms have improved.  This is the exact reason to keep doing this weekly!


So my recap:

  • Blood Sugar:  Fine.
  • BM: Yes, good one.
  • Bloat: yep…significantly.  And most uncomfortably so after dinner.
  • Energy:  Low (particularly in the morning) with a small increase in the afternoon when my head felt a little lighter, but poor again later in the afternoon.
  • Itchy?  A little, but not really in connection with any of my meals.
  • Mood:  Very irritable this morning.  A little less so this evening.  Feeling emotional and tearful throughout the morning.
  • Sleep: Decent- between 7 & 8 hours!
  • **Angular chelitis feels like it may be flaring on the right side again this evening, but had not been present most of the day.
  • **I will take 1 tsp of Natural Calm tonight.
  • GRATITUDE: I’m thankful for some relief at various times in my headache today and am hopeful that it will be better tomorrow!

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