Updates, still in pursuit, lots on the horizon

Hello Friends!

It has been over 1 1/2 weeks since I last posted.  I’m sorry it has been taking so long.

I was feeling really bogged down in so little change and feeling depressed by the redundancy of my information and lack of progress.

It is not to say that I haven’t continued to forge through!

I was starting to sense intuitively that my yeast overgrowth has improved.  I will be taking another stool test early next week to retest the status of the yeast, parasite, and bacteria in my gut.  I will have to wait ~1 month for the results.

I had a thyroid ultrasound last week that I believe was “normal”, although I haven’t officially seen the results.

I had some lab testing done, though, and my thyroid hormones (free T3 and T4) continue to come back low with one of my thyroid antibodies continuing to be quite high (and in fact higher than in July 2012).  I am not surprised by these results because I have been having some pretty clear hypothyroid symptoms – serious swelling of my eyes and face in the morning, swelling in legs at night, cold hands and legs, weight gain, bloating, fatigue, other hormonal disruptions, extremely dry skin, hair loss, etc.  Many of the symptoms that I have overlap with the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and extreme yeast overgrowth (systemic).  But some of these symptoms are more specific to the thyroid and have been increasing in recent weeks.

I believe I have had thyroid issues for a very long time, but have only ever been tested by medical practitioners who have tested just my TSH levels.  A quick google search, will yield many reasons why this is not enough.  The book, Why Do I Still have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Results Are Normal? has great information.

So, yesterday morning I started taking a tiny dose of Armour Thyroid, a dessicated porcine thyroid supplement.  We will see how it goes.

My hope is that if we can get one area of my health stabilized, maybe other areas will start to improve.

Furthermore, I took a round of progesterone as my NP was concerned that I could be building up a lining in my uterus since I have not had a natural cycle in YEARS.  In the past, progesterone has done NOTHING other than irritate my body.  I did, however, have some “show” following the use of it this time.  It is interesting?!!  Could be a good thing….  Too soon to tell what will happen from here.

I recently tried adding closer to the maximum of my starchy carb volumes (while continuing to follow anticandida protocols) to see how my energy responded.  It did seem to help initially, but then my blood sugar really seemed to get more and more out of control.  It was not only dropping after breakfast, but after other meals as well.  Furthermore I seemed to be bloated even more intensely.  Part of the reason I have tried increasing starches is for thyroid health.  I have heard on several podcasts, through various blog posts, and through Instagram friends that they have found thyroid symptoms to worsen on very low carb diets and that some have experienced very low energy as well as fed candida overgrowth.  I have written before about how ketones can feed yeast.  My issue is my blood sugar!!!

However, here are some interesting links to info on some of these topics:

Here’s a basic Q&A regarding candida/yeast overgrowth. 

Lauren shares some interesting ideas about overcoming her yeast overgrowth.

Thoughts about why low-carb didn’t work for Anne Marie Michaels at the Cheeseslave blog.

Elizabeth talks about metabolic health (she also has a whole e-book on the topic).

A different opinion by Matt Stone at 180 Degree Health– he has some controversial ideas, but makes some interesting points at times.


So, today I sat down with all of these thoughts about various things – homocysteine, pregnenolone, iodine, heavy metals, macronutrients, etc…..

Sometimes I feel like I should be able to connect all the dots and put the pieces together, but there is soooo much information out there that I start to get confused.

I am excited because I am doing a phone consult next week with Chris Kresser.  I put my name on a waiting list several weeks ago (if not months).  And he now has openings.  So I am anxious to get started with him.  I have only 15 minutes this week, but then I will have an hour with him by phone.

Furthermore, we are meeting as a family (well, my 2 boys and I) with a certified GAPS practitioner again next week so that we can plan our official start on the GAPS diet.  Since we have some special needs, I really felt like I needed some support with making some of the modifications successfully!

So that’s our update…

Now for a few of our meals, which you will see look fairly similar to how they were looking….

Lots of veggies, a mix of beef, fish, chicken and the occasional pork or lamb meal, healthy fats, and fruits for the kids!



Here we tried cauliflower rice….so yummy!IMG_1635




And we’re trying to make some fermented beets and cabbage using the Pickl-It!IMG_1679

We’ve enjoyed some of the beautiful weather and flowers lately…




IMG_1667Lilacs are my favorite!

And the cute faces of the boys….


Being silly!IMG_1655

Getting much love from a sweet cousin (niece)!IMG_1673

Enjoying FRUIT!IMG_1681


And wiggling a newly loose tooth!  IMG_1685

Thanks for your patience and your continued support!  : )

I’d love to hear any thoughts you all may have!

I AM still here!

Sorry to have been so sparse lately with my posts! I am struggling….

I fluctuate between feeling completely discouraged with where I am at on my health journey and wanting to just throw in the towel. But I immediately know I would never be able to throw in the towel. I could NEVER live my life with a blind eye to my health. But I have really just been trying to manage life without a lot of stress and to try to think a little less. The constant attention to my lack of progress was tiring me. AND we have just been so busy, I really haven’t had much time for sharing too often.

A quick update:
– We continue to do some prep for starting the GAPS diet. We will probably start in a few weeks, I’m waiting to finish my current yeast overgrowth protocol.

– I feel intuitively that we may have made some progress with the yeast overgrowth this time. Oddly I was not feeling that way just 1-2 weeks ago. I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking, but I’m going to trust myself. It doesn’t mean I’ve changed anything. I have 1 more week on my current treatment regime and then we will retest my yeast levels.

– We have tilled our new garden plot and finally readied it for planting. It got really warm here the last 1 week+. So we need to get the cooler weather items in quickly.

– Our juicer for the GAPS diet arrived and we’ve made a few green juices.

– I went for some lab work this past week to test for hypothyroid/autoimmunity again. Results To come….

– Baseball season is underway for my son and our homeschool activities have been just that…active…recently.

And now….for a few wordless meal pics…























And a few of the boys and some joy in my life…






Thank you for your support!

Sunday….fun day??

Happy Sunday!
It has been a truly gorgeous weekend! We had a very busy weekend around here, so I actually wasn’t able to get outside and enjoy it as much as I would have liked….but hopefully it is here to stay!

I feel as though I am struggling all the way around in my life. I am not really sure what it is. I am just being completely honest with you and with myself!

It has just been crazy busy around here and I haven’t had the time to continue my blogging as I had been. I hope to be able to continue to check in a few times a week. I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself in any way.

I am feeling really weary about:
Always feeling rushed
Not being able to fully relax and enjoy the present moment
Feeling foggy and distracted
Having a hard time finding joy in my/our activities
Always feeling fatigued or at least never energetic
Being bloated all the time
Feeling heavy for me
Feeling easily irritable
And continuing to experience many more symptoms that I would have expected to improve by now on such a clean and nourishing diet.

My health is always on my mind. I am always noticing something new that “isn’t healthy” and rarely notice anything getting better.

I am really feeling very discouraged….
THANK YOU to those of you who have reached out, expressing your understanding! It is helpful to know there are others walking this path! I often wish there was someone who could easily tell me what steps to take for definitive improvement! I am waiting for that day….!

I will be looking into the best steps to take for a successful start on the GAPS diet. I have a few appointments this week and hope to take further steps in gathering more information about myself.

Here are some pics of foods we’ve been eating….











We’ve also been working on our garden…



And picking up some great things at the Farmer’s Market….


My husband and I were godparents to our niece! We saw Stomp with the boys at the local theater, and went to a birthday party at a local place with climbing walls! A busy week ahead with several meetings, appointments, baseball games, etc. Hopefully I can move my body a bit this week because I am really missing walking. Looking forward to some sunshine!!!!!!

Where to go from here?

Hello Friends!

Here comes some honesty….

Are you ready for it??!!

I’ve been thoroughly discouraged lately!

I just feel as though I have made soooo very little progress, if any progress at all, in the past several months since starting on this phase of my health journey.

I have had very minor improvements in some areas, yet feel I have digressed in others.

I called my naturopath this morning and moved my next appointment with her up to Monday.

I am feeling a sense of URGENCY to dip deeper into what is going on. Honestly, I just have this intuitive sense that I have Hoshimoto’s Disease, which is an auto-immune thyroid disease.

I have suspected this for a while, but I have had moments of hope where I have thought that perhaps I am just experiencing combinations of symptoms from all that I am dealing with, but I cannot deny the Hoshimotos symptoms that I continue to have, that have not improved AT ALL and some other symptoms that are getting worse.

So….my digging goes on! I WILL NOT give up! VIBRANT HEALTH is NOT an option, it is THE ONLY OPTION for ME!

I have been struggling with whether I will move forward with the GAPS diet, but I think it IS necessary.

So, I spent some time today searching for the tools I want/need to have for me/us to be successful.

I am searching for:

juicer (considering Breville or Omega)

dehydrator (will likely go with the Excalibur)

fermented food tools (will likely order a Pickl It set)

considering a new crock pot (yet I have concerns about the lead they say are in most of them….eeeeeek)

I will do another wordless post on some of our meals….












And don’t forget….


More travels

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Well, a short post again tonight because I’ve got some last minute packing to do and am hoping for an early bedtime tonight since my flight tomorrow is at the UNGODLY hour of 5:30am.  That means I have to leave for the airport (almost 30 minutes away) by 3:45 am!!  UGHHH!  That’s just AWFUL!

I’ve done some thinking today as my mouth seems to flared up intensely again (it had been getting better) with angular chelitis.  I was thinking more about my bloat and my mouth, etc. and realized that there was 1 more thing that I did not have while in Jamaica besides the coconut oil….  That was fermented foods!  I have mentioned before that these can be challenging for people sometimes, due to histamines.  They can also be a problem for people with yeast & fungus issues because your body becomes sensitive to all yeasts/molds/fungi, even if they are “good for you” like sauerkraut, kombucha, etc.  Another thing is that I really, really crave the fermented foods.  Sometimes we crave what we need, but oddly enough, sometimes we also crave things we are allergic/sensitive/intolerant to.  Isn’t that odd??  SOOO, I am thinking that it is much more likely that if my changes in bloat, etc. are related to food, it is much more likely to be the fermented foods, rather than the coconut oil, causing the problems.  I will be disappointed if it is either of them as I love both and both can be really healthy if your body likes/tolerates them!  So, while I am away, I will not be having any coconut oil or coconut products (likely these items wouldn’t be consumed on this trip anyway).  I will not have fermented foods, either.  This includes ACV, fermented veggies, coconut aminos, kombucha, etc.  Again, these wouldn’t be common foods for this trip anyway.  When I return, I will reassess these foods.

My MONKS will be in the hands of daddy!  Daddy is not a chef and does not have the same dietary restrictions we have.  He is understanding of our needs, but since he does not have much part in food prep or shopping, I anticipate it won’t be entirely easy to keep things on target for the boys!  I know he will do his best, though….and trust me…I am quite certain that Big will do a good job of “keeping him in line”.  Haha!  That is when he isn’t trying to “get away with something” himself!  haha!  : )

Well….I’ll be back next week, folks!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

P.S.  I am packing more food for my trip.  I’ll be bring a meal for the plane (since we’re leaving so early).  It is salmon and some veggies (hope it isn’t too stinky)!!  And I am bringing some extra veggies, canned fish, jerky, and avocados.  I am also bringing my gelatin.  I am hoping these things will get me by for the week in between meals.  We will have some long, tiring days in training!


A bloat update

**My prayers for those in the Boston area and for all of those affected by the tragic events in Boston today.

A quick update tonight along with our eats for the day because I’ve got to get myself ready for my trip.
I am FINALLY feeling better today! WOOHOO! Thank GOD! And everyone else seemed to be feeling well too!
The sunshine today was a nice welcome and a boost for our moods as well! The boys did some great work today and smiles were on everyone’s faces!

I wanted to share you with some things I noticed about my bloating.  I posted way back about my “pregnant belly bloat” and you can read about that here.

Here is a photo taken back several months ago.  It was from 6-7 months ago first thing in the morning, before eating anything.


Then there is this photo from 2 days after our return from Jamaica.  My weight was 4 lbs less than when we left for Jamaica and my bloat in the morning before eating was much less than typical.


Then, there is this photo from today when I was feeling significantly bloated again.  My bloat gradually got worse in the couple of days after our return and my weight returned to what it had been prior to leaving.  So what is this all about??!!


Could it be stress?  Could it be food related?  What is it?  I’m not sure, but I continue to monitor. I am quite certain that the weight change was just water weight, but can’t imagine that is what the bloat is all about as well.

OUR EATS for today….

MONKS’ BREAKFAST- cooked carrot and celery for big, raw carrot for Lil’, bacon, beef roast, and orange.  They also each had a small piece of banana as well.


MAMA’S– steamed turnip, fermented veggies, chicken thighs, and a piece of bacon.


During work throughout the morning, everyone just seemed to be in a good mood….

Lil’ proudly wrote a note about what he was thankful for and told his daddy he loved him.


And Big showed off the sap bucket he had made and one thing he learned about sap when we visited the maple sugar house a few weeks ago….


LUNCH for the MONKS- celery, green pepper & cucumber with olive oil and sea salt, chicken thighs and banana.  Big had some squash with coconut oil.  Big didn’t finish and Lil’ was satisfied with his meal, asking to get down when he was done (he often seems to ask for more before he’s even finished).


MAMA’S- sauteed summer squash and steamed turnip with pot roast and fermented veggies.  I topped this meal with some EVOO, ACV and sea salt.


In the afternoon, I intended we would go for a walk, but instead the boys were working on a “fort”, so I helped them build it!  And here they were playing inside it!  It was a gorgeous day…sunny and 60!


MONKS’ DINNER- (sorry so fuzzy) ground pork with mashed potatoes on top, romaine & beets for Big and romaine & carrot for Lil’.  Lil’ has gotten a little fussy about his veggies recently, so I’m going with what I know he will eat!  They love the meat & potatoes and both had second helpings.


MAMA’S- seasoned ground pork, a few greens, and roasted radishes & rutabaga.


EXTRAS:  Lil’ & I had a snack in the afternoon.  Lil’ had a little chicken and veggies (he actually wanted to eat what Big hadn’t eaten at lunch…haha).  And before I had remembered that Big hadn’t finished lunch, I let him finish the chocolate coconut milk I had made him yesterday that he hadn’t finished.  I had 1/2 avocado with a few anchovies and a couple of pieces of steamed rutabaga.  I was still feeling like I wanted something more, so I had a small raw carrot.  While making dinner I sipped on some bone broth.  I also had bone broth with lunch and 1 piece of kabocha squash after each meal.


The monks were in good moods today.  Overall they seemed happy and well!  Big did seem to be moving quite slowly at times, though.  Sometimes I wonder if he should have more fuel, but then he didn’t even finish his lunch the past few days.  I give him what he wants for the most part.


  • Blood Sugar: 80 upon waking.  I didn’t check it again, but felt good.  I was going to do some yoga this morning, but decided I wouldn’t push it since my blood sugar was at 80.
  • BM: Smallish BM mid-afternoon
  • Bloat:  significantly bloated.  I had a bad stomach ache this evening.  It started part way through dinner, so I am not sure if it was the raw carrot earlier, the green at dinner, the fact that my veggies were “al dente”, a combination of all of these things, or something else entirely….?
  • Itchy?  No
  • Mood:  Quite decent!  Happy to be feeling better and enjoying the sunshine!
  • Sleep: I didn’t sleep well.  I felt half awake for ~1/2 the night. I got up to go to the bathroom aroun 2:30 and I slept better after that.
  • Energy:  Improved for sure!
  • Headache? No
  • Sauna?  No, I took another epsom salt bath last night.
  • Bedtime snack:  I had 1 TBS gelatin mixed with water.
  • Exercise: 2- 2 minute planks, 1- 2 minute wall squat.  Choose play in the yard with the boys instead of a walk!!!
  • **Angular chelitis still present, but not as bad.
  • GRATITUDE: I am thankful for SUNSHINE!  : )

Another simple day….


1 egg each and 1/2 leftover grass fed sausage, banana, mixed veggies & kabocha squash for Big (Lil’ decided he didn’t want his), cucumber for Lil’. EVOO for both and coconut oil on Big’s squash.


MAMA’S– egg drop soup (bone broth with 2 eggs)

and some steamed veggies with EVOO and a couple pieces of leftover bison stew meat.

MONKS’ LUNCH- chicken thighs with celery, green pepper and smashed avocado for dipping. Squash and coconut oil for Big. Lil’ requested a raw carrot with his meal “because they’re so crunchy”!! They each had a little orange.

MAMA’S LUNCH– chicken thighs with steamed veggies and sautéed zucchini topped with EVOO and ACV and served with fermented veggies.


BIG and MAMA had unpictured snacks (Lil’ was resting)-
BIG: a treat of homemade chocolate coconut milk (homemade coconut milk with cocoa and a little maple syrup) with the rest of his pepper from lunch (he was too full to finish), a piece of seaweed and an anchovy because he wanted to try them again.
MAMA: 2 cups of bone broth with lots of marrow, morning and afternoon. 1/2 avocado, a few anchovies, and 1 sheet of seaweed in the afternoon. I also had a small piece of unpictured kabocha squash after every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)- it was like dessert!!

MONKS’ DINNER– grass-fed pot roast over romaine with roasted carrots and spring parsnips with EVOO and a big raw carrot for Lil’. They had small pieces of banana after their meal.


MAMA’S- grass-fed roast with a little romaine and greens from our CSA, lightly sauteed pac choi, roasted turnip “fries” and femented carrots & ginger.  I topped my meal with EVOO.  YUM!!


Did you notice anything different in what I did?

I realized that when we first returned from Jamaica I had a few days of less bloat and lower weight (by ~ 4 lbs).  Upon eating our first meal at home, I got a hive which I attributed to the eggs and stress.  However, it occurred to me today that in all that I have done, I have never considered that I could be sensitive to the coconut oil that I am using in large amounts.  Typically it is not a problem because oils do not have proteins (which are often the cause of allergies).  However, upon adding 1 cup of coconut milk the other day and having coconut butter nougats the past few days, I have seemed to have even more bloat.  Perhaps I have a sensitivity to coconut.  Sooo, I am going to do a little testing….no coconut oil or coconut products for the next few days or while I am away again (starting on Wednesday).  And we will see what happens…

I also had a few “green” veggies with dinner because it sounded good to me and I don’t believe I will be able to avoid raw or green leafy veggies while away.


Big was up in the night with a fever and complaining of a continued headache.  He was up a few times and didn’t want to sleep alone.  So, he ended up taking my spot in bed and seemed to be MUCH better today.  He has a canker sore as well.  It seems that he is fighting a virus.   Lil’ also woke up crying this morning complaining that he had a sore throat.  He never complained again later in the day, though.  The both seemed to have a decent day.


  • Blood Sugar: I didn’t check at all today.  I didn’t have hypoglycemic symptoms after breakfast as usual, but felt drained mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Drinking bone broth at both of these times seemed to really help!
  • BM: Smallish BM mid-afternoon.
  • Bloat: Quite significant.
  • Itchy?  No
  • Mood:  Not bad. Still not feeling well, but trying to get something done while also respecting needs for moments of rest throughout the day.
  • Sleep: I was up SEVERAL times last night- a few times with Big and several times to blow my nose.  Since I slept in Big’s bed starting part way through the night, I also awoke a few times because of just being in a “strange” place.
  • Energy:  Better than yesterday, especially by late afternoon.  This evening I seem to be feeling a bit better!
  • Headache?  No
  • Sauna?  No, I took an Epsom salt bath last night and may tonight too.  They are just what I feel like doing lately.
  • Bedtime snack:  I had gelatin and a little bone broth last night.
  • Exercise: Just the activity of cleaning.
  • **My angular chelitis is improving.
  • GRATITUDE: I am thankful for starting to feel better and for getting some cleaning done!  A clean home makes me feel better too!  : )

HELP NEEDED & keeping expectations low…

Hello friends!

Respecting my body and trying to get better (as I am really struggling with this self-diagnosed sinus infection), I have kept expectations low today.  I will also keep the blog simple tonight with a basic journal of our eats and a recap of how we did.  Thanks for tuning in & providing the support that you do!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking about the GAPS diet.

Last night I took an Epsom salt bath and did some “studying”…


I would love your input if you’ve done the GAPS diet or SCD. 

I am looking for input in the following areas:

1) Do you ever make your own yogurt?  what do you use for a starter?  where do you get it? If you’re local in VT, are you buying raw goats milk anywhere?  I think there is a place very local where I can get it, but if you have any experience in the matter, please share! 

I don’t believe I will attempt cow’s milk yogurt right away on the GAPS diet, given my LONG-term history with dairy sensitivity.  Rather I think I will attempt goats milk or even just coconut yogurt/kefir.  I would love to know about any experience you may have with these items!

2) Do you use a dehydrator for your yogurt, a yogurt maker, or something else?  what brand do you have?

I have wanted a good dehydrator for a while, but haven’t wanted to pay the price!  However, if I have to make yogurt, I think I could use it for making the yogurt as well as lots of other things (which is why I wanted the dehydrator anyway).  Tell me about your experiences!

2) Do you have a juicer?  what juicer do you have?  does it handle greens okay?  how easy is it to clean?  how dry/wet is the pulp?

I have been considering a juicer for a while and if/when I do the GAPS diet, I will need one.  However, I will be primarily juicing greens to start so it needs to do well with greens.

3) What slow cooker do you use?  what do you love about it? what do you wish was different about it?

My current slow cooker is great, but my bone broth tends to do more than slightly simmer in it.  I would like one that I feel really comfortable with (perhaps even with a timer).  Any thoughts on this?

Okay…onto our eats…


leftover sausage, an extra large piece of beef bacon, cauliflower, sweet potato, banana & pear (and a little kabocha squash for Big)


MAMA’S- steamed rutabaga and radish with coconut oil and black sea salt; wild-caught ahi tuna steak and a large piece of beef bacon with fermented veggies.Image

**I was INCREDIBLY bloated after this meal.

MONKS’ LUNCH- 1 1/2 egg omelet with tomato, Japanese sweet potato & coconut oil, & celery & smashed avocado. They also had 1/4 apple with their meal.


MAMA’S LUNCH- unpictured roasted cabbage (ate it up while making this meal because I was hungry- haha), zucchini, steamed rutabaga & radish, fermented veggies and sardines mashed with 1/2 avocado wrapped in seaweed.Image

MONKS’ DINNER- bison over romaine, broccoli-cauli-carrot blend with olive oil over all of it. They also both had kabocha squash when it was ready with a little coconut oil and 1/4+ pear.Image

MAMA’S DINNER– a cup of bone broth (unpictured), julienne summer squash & zucchini with bison & coconut oil.  I had a piece of kabocha squash when it was done as well- it was a GREAT one!!


OTHERS: I had 1/2 tsp maca after lunch as well as a tiny piece of sweet potato.  I had 1 whole coconut nougat late afternoon before we went to church.  The boys each had 1/4 apple before church.  We all realized that it was getting kind of late and that we should have had something before church.


Both had decent days. Big complained of a headache tonight.  He seemed to have a pretty bad headache when he went to bed!  Otherwise, nothing major to report.





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  • Blood Sugar: 8O’s upon waking.  I didn’t check it again. 
  • BM: Smallish BM upon waking.
  • Bloat: I was VERY bloated the entire day!
  • Itchy?  No
  • Mood:  Not bad…just not feeling well.  Sinus pain and pressure in entire head.
  • Sleep: I slept okay last night.
  • Energy:  Low.  I didn’t want to do anything.  I had to go to the farmer’s market this morning for our CSA share and to Costco and that took everything out of me.
  • Headache?  Interestingly, no.  Just sinus pressure/pain.
  • Sauna?  No.  Last night I took an Epsom salt bath.  That felt really good.
  • Bedtime snack:  Just 1 TBS gelatin.
  • Exercise: none
  • **Angular chelitis slightly better! I hope it is healing.
  • **I took 2 caprylic acid capsules prior to lunch & prior to dinner (rather than just 1)
  • GRATITUDE: I am thankful for giving myself permission to rest this afternoon! : )



sunscreen review, supplement regimen, avocado ice cream, coconut nougats

A little more update on our trip last week because it will catch us up to HOW I AM FEELING TODAY!

I mentioned yesterday that I had either a cold or allergy reaction while in Jamaica.  I also got a sunburn on the first day (more on this later).  I couldn’t determine if I was swelling in my face/head because of the cold/allergies or my sunburn.  I felt better after a couple of days for the following 3 days.  However, since the day after we returned I have not been feeling great again.  I continue to have cold/allergy symptoms.  I thought I was starting to feel better yesterday, but today I feel worse again.  I am still blowing my nose (not as much) but I am also having head, teeth and ear pain.  It seems quite possible that I have a sinus infection.  I have used my Neti Pot, am drinking teas, using lots of ACV, using my castor oil packs, using the sauna a bit, etc.  I will not be able to take a course of antibiotics right now given the vulnerable state of my gut.  It would be the last thing I would do as it would most certainly compromise my healing!  I have never had a diagnosed sinus infection.  In fact, I am so rarely sick, it is quite annoying that I am sick now.

Other thoughts…

I have a post I would like to do on body image, but I just don’t quite feel up to it yet!  I’ve got to get my thoughts together for you….COMING SOON!


On our first day in Jamaica, it was overcast and breezy.  So, doing what I KNEW was not good, I didn’t apply sunscreen in the morning!  I was just so ready to soak up the vitamin D!!!  But I ended up with a nasty sunburn right away on day 1!  Within a short time, I had a burn on my upper back/shoulders, chest & nose.  I did apply coverage once I realized how red I was getting.  However, when I showered that evening, I realized just how bad my burn was and started to feel pain from the burn! Even though this word isn’t allowed in our house….it was STUPID!!!  So STUPID!  I know better!  Well, after that, I was sure to be careful and to apply great coverage with our homemade sunscreen, however, I still continued to burn a bit.  The boys also got slightly red on their cheeks and arms.  Soooo, I am not sure that the sunscreen was providing the protection I had hoped for.  Since we still have so much left, I think I will just try to add more zinc to it.  I did LOVE the way the sunscreen applied!  It felt great!  And it is quite possible that in the VT sunshine, the current formula will be enough protection.


As you know, I started on a new supplement regimen right before heading out for our trip last week to continue to address the yeast overgrowth that I am experiencing.  I am continuing my adrenal support as well.

Here’s my new regime-

In the morning (upon rising)– 2 ADR (adrenal support), 1 probiotic, 1 tsp FCLOIMG_1397

Prior to breakfast– 1 heaping tsp magnesium, 1/2 tsp vitamin C IMG_1399

Also, prior to breakfast– 2 digestive enzymes (which have HCL).

Following breakfast,1  ADP (oregano leaf extract) & 1 goldenseal (not a preferred brand, but all that was available at the time)- both of the latter are anti-fungals.IMG_1400

Mid-morning, I take more ADR and a chromium supplement (for blood sugar support).

Prior to lunch & dinner– more digestive enzymes and 1 caprylic acid (anti-fungal).

After lunch, ADP and Goldenseal again (one of each)IMG_1401

Around 8:30 pm I try to take the Cortisol Manager (adrenal support).  Then 1 more ADP and Goldenseal prior to bed.  IMG_1403Also prior to bed, I have 1 heaping tsp magnesium and 1/4 tsp vitamin C


It’s a lot to take….honestly sometimes I lose track of what I am supposed to do!  ; )

Now, our eats for today….


leftover “stew” from last night, leftover broccoli breadsticks, Japanese sweet potato with coconut oil & orange.  Lil’ had a little lamb liver mixed into his stew.

Lil’ requested a carrot after this meal and Big requested a little kabocha squash.


MAMA’Sstew, leftover cabbage, julienne summer squash, and a few pieces steamed rutabaga with fermented veggies.IMG_1422

MONKS’ LUNCH– leftover brisket, pan fries, cucumber & green bell pepper.

They also had 1/4-1/3 banana after their lunch.IMG_1424

MAMA’S– the rest of the stew with sauteed summer squash & zucchini

Forgot my fermented veggies.

I also had a “rich” cup of bone broth.IMG_1426

After lunch, I had a little homemade coconut milk with 1/2 tsp maca.

We also made some of our COCONUT NOUGATS and AVOCADO ICE CREAM!!!

For the ice cream, I used 1 cup homemade coconut milk and 2 avocados.

I just blended it in my food processor until smooth and placed it in the freezer.

I stirred it 2 times over the course of ~2 hours.

The boys had some of the ice cream with celery and smoked salmon for a snack.

I also had some with smoked salmon and seaweed.

I added a drop of liquid stevia to each our bowls when I fixed them.

Not such a great picture, but it is sooo creamy and delicious!


MONKS’ DINNER– uncured, sugar free grass fed beef hot dogs (although we decided we would call them sausages since none of us really like hot dogs),

steamed cauliflower, romaine with cooked carrots for Big and raw carrots for Lil’ with EVOO and coconut aminos.  Each had another 1/2 sausage and a 1 1/2″ piece of sweet potato.

(Also caught part of Daddy’s plate in the pic)


MAMA had tuna steak, steamed rutabaga, radish & cauliflower with coconut oil & sauteed carrots (which got a little dark, but were tasty!).

I also added fermented veggies in the middle of the meal when I realized I had forgotten them again.  IMG_1429

Everything tasted so good that I did have a few more pieces of veggies after dinner and a small piece of sweet potato.

I remembered to remove my coconut butter nougats from the freezer….

IMG_1430and of course enjoyed a bite of one!  BUT I couldn’t stop at just a bite tonight and ate a whole nougat!

I added a tiny sprinkle of salt and a drop of vanilla to this batch.

It was super yummy!


Both did quite well today.  Mood was decent.  Nothing major to report.


  • Blood Sugar: 8o’s upon waking.  I didn’t check it again after breakfast.
  • BM: Smallish BM mid-morning
  • Bloat: Haven’t paid much attention.  Just not feeling great today at all….  I had a small stomach ache after dinner.  It may have been too many afternoon FODMAPs- avocado, cauliflower, and coconut.
  • Itchy?  No
  • Mood:  Not bad.  Feeling worse as the day went on, though.
  • Sleep: I slept pretty well last night!
  • Energy: Not great.  Up and down, like I often experience when I have a cold.  Worse altogether as the day went on.
  • Headache?  Not really, but head/sinus pressure.
  • Sauna?  I didn’t use it last night, but think I should tonight or have an epsom salt bath.
  • Bedtime snack:  I had just 1 TBS of gelatin last night mixed with water.
  • Exercise: took it easy again; just not feeling up to exercise.
  • GRATITUDE: I am thankful for it being FRIDAY! : )